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"Your mother loves you," Katherine said, with a tear falling down her face. In Gone Girl, Katherine advised Nadia she couldn't ask Klaus for his blood as a result of he would not help her anyway.Exhausted anchor Bonnie tried to get her to meet her for espresso, however Katherine mentioned she was on the spa shopping for Bonnie a present certificate for her birthday. She phoned Damon, who advised her to come back on over and talk about what happened at the farmhouse. Katherine knew Damon would by no means put Elena in that danger again, so they need to know she's Katherine. As others are already nervous about Elena, Katherine goes to the Matt's celebration in order to discover details about her physique and to be less suspicious about Elena's solitude.Katherine stormed in the Salvatore Boarding House and stated she was there to see her daughter. As Nadia took her final breaths, she stated, "My mother's name is Katherine. I'm looking for her." I teared up. Nadia said her mother's a liar, a murderer, she manipulates, and she betrays, and he or she'd do anything to survive. Katherine wanted to point out her what her life ought to have been like. Nadia had built a fort that she would present her mom in the morning.Elena then runs off, however Katherine has modified the password so she can't name for assist. As Elena did not kill Mia she ends the spell and Katherine takes her physique over. Damon tries to fix factor between him and Elena, but as Katherine has control she breaks up with him. Katherine decides to stay in Mystic Falls to win again Stefan. Katherine says something about how these drugs she's on are "hard core." Stefan tells her to shut her eyes, that he's come to say goodbye.She talks with Stefan pretending to be Elena and asks him if he's heartbroken over Katherine's dying and is upset that he's not. She asks him if they should have funeral or at least some flowers as she tries to find out about where her corpse is and at the identical time hopes that Stefan would really feel sorry for her demise. Stefan reveals to her that Damon put her physique to the place it "ought to have been very long time ago".Instead, she'd known as Wes, who allegedly was keen to check Nadia's blood and create the antidote. He took some blood, and Katherine vowed to be a greater mom, which meant saving her daughter's life. Caroline called Katherine and tried to get her to come back assist set up for a surprise birthday party for Bonnie but Katherine stated she had to make arrangements for Aaron's funeral, which trumps a birthday.