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Its still quite small and the city is only three streets extensive in most elements. When I arrived I discovered a lodge room at "Ruby's", which was on the south part of the enterprise district right on the beach. The subsequent day I bought a snorkeling tour which went out to the sting of the barrier reef. The space was generally known as "Shark Ray Alley" and my group snorkelled with over a dozen sting rays swimming round us.Formerly generally known as British Honduras, Belize was granted independence from the British crown in the Nineteen Eighties and still retains an aura of stiff-upper-lip civility and order. Key additionally might refer to a naturally occurring low island, both a sandbar or a coral reef.Significant adjustments in cays and their surrounding ecosystems may end up from pure phenomena similar to severe El Niño–Southern Oscillation cycles. Also, tropical cyclones might help build or destroy these islands. The island resulting from sediment accumulation is made up nearly completely of biogenic sediment – the skeletal stays of vegetation and animals – from the surrounding reef ecosystems. If the accumulated sediments are predominantly sand, then the island is known as a cay; if they're predominantly gravel, the island is called a motu. A cay types when ocean currents transport unfastened sediment throughout the surface of a reef to a depositional node, where the current slows or converges with one other current, releasing its sediment load.This cay and the encompassing reef flat are Holocene in origin, having formed over an antecedent Pleistocene platform. Understanding the potential for change in the sediment sources and provide of cay seashores with environmental change is a crucial key to predicting their present and future stability. Despite, or perhaps because of all the talk round the future of cays, there's consensus that these island environments are very complicated and considerably fragile. There is way debate and concern over the future stability of cays in the face of growing human populations and pressures on reef ecosystems, and predicted climate changes and sea degree rise.Gradually, layers of deposited sediment construct up on the reef floor. Such nodes happen in windward or leeward areas of reef the place surfaces typically occur round an emergent outcrop of old reef or seaside rock. Ambergris Caye is one other island additional north and contains about 20,000 residents in the metropolis of San Pedro.Key also comes from the Spanish word, cayo, which implies key. A cay is a naturally occurring low island, both a sandbar or a coral reef. Cay is most often applied to Caribbean islands, the popular pronunciation is “key” Cay comes from the Spanish word, cayo, which implies key. ), Australia, a small ‘vegetated sand cay’ based on the classification schemes of McLean and Stoddart and Hopley . Approximately 750 m × 1,500 m (2,460 ft × 4,920 ft), this island is located on the leeward floor of a large 11 km2 (four.2 sq mi) emergent reef platform.